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Connection Issues with Vigin Media
Posted by Jiaz, Last modified by raztoki raztoki on 02 May 2015 10:40 AM

Is this your cable modem / router? The virgin media super hub.

Do you get things like

[Aborted] No permission to write to hard disc

Well, currently there is a problem that affects IE8 with server resets but it also affects jdownloader.

Taken from the virgin media community forums:

We want to acknowledge that we've picked up the feedback you've been giving us about following issue and are currently investigating it.

Some customers with IE8 and the R25 Super Hub Firmware are unable to download files. Users are getting "the connection with the server was reset" errors when downloading files via Internet Explorer 8 both 32bit and 64bit.

From your feedback and our testing we can see that this issue is only happening while the Super Hub's firewall is turned off and with IE8. This issue isn't present with the firewall turned on, or while using other browsers such as Firefox 4 and Chrome 10 with the firewall turned on or off, so we'd suggest these as workarounds while we investigate why IE8 seems to have this problem.

We're sorry this issue seems to have crept in and wasn't picked up during the beta test of R25, however we only saw isolated reports of this problem. We didn't want to delay the release of R25 as it has a number of important fixes for issues identified with your help on the forum alongside the important security fixes that it also included. We're taking this issue very seriously and our firmware team are working with Netgear to get this fixed as soon as we can.

We appreciate the feedback and we'll post an update on this early next week when we'll have more news on this.

No need to mess around with your anti-virus/firewall software or anything like that nor is it the IWF filter

It is simple fix of just turning on the firewall, you don't even need to reset the modem and press apply. Simple as peas.

Big Thanks to our boardmember shadowdogg

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