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My premium account not accepted, what can I do
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My Account not accepted, what can I do?

First you should know where to buy premium accounts and how to add them to JD.ich

  1. Make SURE your account is valid, has enough traffic and is NOT expired. Therefore delete the cookies of your browser and login again. If you can log in via browser continue with step 3, if not you have an invalid account!
  2. Check in your browser and confirm your Account Status: Premium? Expired Premium? Free Account?. JDownloader does accept free accounts for some of the hosters, for instance when it provides benieft: increased download limits, download speeds, less wait times, no captchas. If you are unsure if free account services are supported please contact us (see 5.)
  3. If your password contains special characters, please change it to alphanumeric characters. Remove account from JD and Re-add it, this will test if the special character was the cause. Keep in mind that special characters in passwords are important, as it increases passwords safety. If the removed characters are the cause, increase password length to improve password stregth against attack. Logins containing an "@" (email at symbol) don't usually cause problems!
  4. If you're using a proxy, try it without and/or test it via proxy in your webbrowser and see if it works there! If proxy works in browser but not in JDownloader please contact us (see 5.)
  5. If none of the suggestions above assist, please don't hesitate and contact us ticket support or forum support .
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