Downgrade to JDownloader 0.9
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If you do not want to use the new JDownloader 2, please keep in mind that

  • There will be no updates for JDownloader 1. If Site Owners change their site, plugins will not work any longer
  • JDownloader 2 is much faster and has a lot more features
  • JDownloader 2 is fully customizable and can look and work almost like JDownloader 09

Anyway.. here is how you install JDownloader 09 and avoid the upgrade warnings.



1. Download and Install JDownloader 09

Please use a new and empty installation directory. 

Create an empty file called "nojd2update" in the installation directory. This will disable the update dialog.

If you want to use the settings of an older installation, copy the config folder to your new installation directory.

Windows: The Installer my contain adware bundles. Please make sure to Uncheck/Skip/Decline them if you do not want to install them.

2. Make sure to use Java 1.6

JDownloader 0.9 works best with a Java JRE 1.6. 

Mac & Linux

Make sure a Java 1.6 is installed and used


Download and Install a portable Java 1.6. We do not recommend to Install Java 1.6 as your system Java because it is outdated. You should use a portable version that is used for JDownloader 09 only.

 --> Download Java 1.6 portable Edition by

Important: Install it to <JDownloader 09 Installation Directory>/jre

Finally, use the Portable Launcher: 

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