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Account Manager > Account Usage Rule : Disable Free Download / avoid captchas in premium mode
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Account Usage rules

JDownloader lets you chose which host should be downloaded via which account - it also lets you chose the order.
By default, JDownloader prefers premium account over free accounts and "real" premium accounts over multihoster accounts.
On too many errors, JDownloader may switch to free (or free-account) mode even if there are active premium accounts.
You can use these usage rules to force JDownloader to e.g. never allow any downloads without accounts - JDownloader should then wait instead and resume once downloads via account are possible again.

Please follow the following steps:

Settings > Account Manager > Account Usage Tab

Account Usage Rule > Edit Rule

In case you are adding a rule for multihoster download, keep this in mind:
Add the rule FOR the real host e.g. (see screenshot above) - do NOT add rules FOR multihosts as they will not do anything (there are exceptions though but mostly theoretical and not relevant for this article).

Account Usage Rules in Headless mode / myjdownloader

At this moment we are unable to present any comfortable way to use account usage rules via myjdownloader.
The best you can do is to use a JDownloader with GUI, set your account usage rules and then copy the settings for over to your headless JDownloader.

Here are some instructions:

1. Open a normal JDownloader with GUI and create your desired account usage rules as described above.
Make sure that you add all accounts which are also present in your headless installation beforehand.

2. Close your headless JDownloader.
Go to the [Installation directory of your JD with GUI]/cfg/accountUsageRules.json and copy this file to the same path of your headless installation.
Now your usage rules will be used once you start your headless JDownloader again.
It is planned to simplify this process in the future see this ticket.

 jd2-settings-account_manager-account_usagerules-001.png (197.37 KB)
 jd2-settings-account_manager-account_usagerules-002.png (43.29 KB)