API Docu extraction.ArchiveStateObject
Posted by Jay Downloader, Last modified by Jiaz on 08 April 2020 12:19 PM
//-1 or the controller ID if any controller is active. Used in extraction/cancelExtraction?<ControllerID>
"controllerId": -1,
"archiveName": "The name of the archive",
//The status of the controller
"controllerStatus": "<ControllerStatus>",

//Type of the archive. e.g. "GZIP_SINGLE", "RAR_MULTI","RAR_SINGLE",....
"type": null,

//ID to adress the archive. Used for example for extraction/getArchiveSettings?[<ARCHIVE_ID_1>,<ARCHIVE_ID_2>,...]
"archiveId": null,

//File State Map
"states": {"filename1":"<ArchiveFileStatus>"....}