Click'n'Load does not work
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Click'n'Load does not work

Click and load is a comfortable way of adding links to JDownloader.
The following steps will try to fix it for you in case you're having trouble with it.

  1. In case you're using a VPN, deactivate it and try again.
    Some VPN applications may block localhost communication.
    In case this was what has caused your issue, you can work around it by installing our myjdownloader browser addon.
    You need to add your myjdownloader account to your JDownloader and you also need to be logged in in our myjdownloader browser addon!
  2. If you're using myjdownloader to control a JDownloader instance which is running on computer2 while you're trying to add links to it via computer1, the following requirements must be fullfilled:
    - myjd account added to JD running on computer2
    - myjd browser addon installed in your browser on computer1
    --> You also need to be logged in into your myjd account in the browser addon!
    Most likely you were having trouble adding links because you were not logged in (anymore).
    This may also happen automatically if you weren't using that particular myjd session for a longer period of time.
  3. Finally, the website owner who implemented CNL might have made a mistake.
    To verify this, simply check if our example is working for you.
    (There is a button "Add Link to JDownloader" - click it.)
    If our example is working fine but CNL on the website where you were trying to use it is not, contact the website owner and ask for a fix.
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