How to uninstall extensions in JDownloader?
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How to uninstall extensions in JDownloader?

This article is about installed extensions you can see under: Settings -> Scroll down the left side until you can see "Extensions".
So far there is no nice way to uninstall extensions like "EventScripter" or "JDShutdown" in JDownloader.
Also there is no need to do this as the presence of them in your JDownloader GUI doesn't waste any resources. You may as well disable them instead.

If you want to remove them anyways, here is how:

  1. Close JDownloader.
  2. Open the following path: [your JD install dir]/extensions.
  3. Delete whichever extension you want to delete e.g. "AntiShutdown.jar" or "JDShutdown.jar".
  4. Start JDownloader and update it.
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