DirectConnection Mode - Pi-hole Unbound
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Myjd Direct Connection Mode Pi-hole Unbound configuration

By default, DNS rebind protection can prevent Myjd Direct Connection Mode from working.
The following instructions will teach you how configure a "Forward zone" in your Unbound config:

1. Edit the file /etc/unbound/unbound.conf.d/pi-hole.conf and add the following:

# DNS Rebind Protection - Allow MyJdownloader Direct Connection Domain and all its subdomains
# to return private addresses


# Enable Unbound to forward MyJDownloader Direct Connection DNS queries to Google/Cloudflare
recursive DNS Servers
name: ""

* In this example we're using Cloudflare/Google DNS servers. You can of course use DNS servers of your choice.

2. That's it - myjd Direct Connection Mode should work fine now.

Thanks to forum user Dmx and cremor

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