Max. simultaneous downloads/connections
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Max. simultaneous downloads/connections(Chunks)

In your Downloadlist, you will find four "Quicksettings" on the bottom right corner.
If you cannot find them, you will have to enable them first:

1. Top left: Max. chunks per download
2. Top right: Max. simultaneous downloads
3. Bottom left: Max, simultaneous downloads per host
4. Bottom right: Enable/Disable Speedlimit

Please keep in mind that depending on the host you're downloading from and whether you own a premium account or not, there might be serverside limits in place which could prevent JD from simply obeying your settings- and reaching your desired amount of e.g. max. simultaneous downloads.

Also, we have a global limit of max. 20 simultaneous downloads and max. 20 simultaneous connections per file ("Chunks").

Please keep in mind: Using higher values will not necessarily increase your download speed!
If you e.g. set JD to use max. 20 simultan. downloads and 20 chunks, it would theoretically establish 20 * 20 = 400 total connections which is way too much for most of all users-
There is no "perfect" setting but 5 downloads with 3 connections each should be enough for most users.

If you are experiencing slow download speeds, please read THIS article.

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