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Firefox: Addon can not be downloaded

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The problem

You try to download the Firefox browser extension from MyJDownloader apps download page but the download fails with the following error message:
"The add-on could not be downloaded because of a connection failure"

The solution

  • Go to MyJDownloader apps download page
  • Right click on the Firefox extension icon, choose "Save As"
  • After the download finished, go to your Firefox Addon settings page (e.g. enter "about:addons" in the address bar of your browser)
  • Click on the settings dropdown, choose "Install Addon from File" or alternatively drag and drop the downloaded file into the window

UPDATE: AgileBits, the makers of the 1Password extension have written up a post on how to fix this with the most common anti virus solutions.

What is happening?

Most of the time this issue is caused by Anti Virus or Anti Malware Software that intercepts downloads of extensions to prevent unwanted extension installations with the side effect of preventing wanted extension installations.

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