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LinkCrawler REWRITE example

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LinkCrawler Rule example - REWRITE

REWRITE rules can be used to do the following tasks:

  • Make JD accept URLs it otherwise wouldn't accept
  • Let JD "learn" file-extensions which it does not accept by default
  • Modify added URLs

Simple example - modify URL to be able to download it:

Let's say you got this URL which is broken:
JD will not pickup this URL and/or it will get displayed as offline.
The correct URL would be:
The following rule will fix this:

    "enabled": true,
    "name": "example rule for type REWRITE",
    "pattern": "(https?://cdn8\\.appwork\\.org/\\.html",
    "rule": "REWRITE",
    "rewriteReplaceWith": "$1"

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