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List of supported websites / plugins

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Where can I find a list of supported websites / plugins?

A nice list does not exist! Explanation:

Tthe domains you find under Settings -> Plugins is not a complete list!
It only contains all items that provide plugin settings and not all plugins provide settings!

The list you find under Settings -> Account manager -> Add is not a complete list either.
It only contains services that have account support.
Not all of the websites we support via plugin provide account support!

How to get a full list of supported websites/plugins?

To get a full list you will need to either look into our source-code or open [Your JD install directory]/jd/plugins -> In the folders hoster and decrypter you will find all compiled plugin files and in most of call cases you should be able to identify most of all websites by the name of the plugin .class file.
Some websites require a "hoster plugin" and a "crawler plugin".
In such a case you may find a plugin for a website in both the hoster and decrypter folders!
Some websites are working in generic ways and thus one .class can support multiple websites e.g. 'GenericRedirectors.class'. In such cases you can only see the names of the websites by looking into our source code.

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