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Myjd Direct Connection Mode

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Direct My.JDownloader connections

This entry explains some advanced settings (Settings -> Advanced Settings) for direct My.JDownloader connections.
Direct My.JDownloader connections reduces latency and increases bandwidth for use of the My.JDownloader services.



  • Disable direct connections
        JDownloader does not allow any direct My.JDownloader connections.
  • Only allow direct connections from LAN:
        JDownloader allows direct My.JDownloader connections from localhost and local lan.
  • Allow lan/wan connections with manual port forwarding:
        JDownloader allows direct My.JDownloader connections from localhost/lan/wan.
        !!!For this to work you will need to manually setup port forwarding in your router!!!
        Please see Manual Remote-/Manual Local Port for this.

MyJDownloaderSettings.manual local port:

Defines the local port. JDownloader will reuse the port.
In case it is unable to use the given port, it will automatically choose a random one.

MyJDownloaderSettings.manual remote port:

Defines the remote port that must be used for manual port forwarding.

  • Allow LAN/WAN connections with automatic port forwarding via UPnP:
        JDownloader allows direct My.JDownloader connections from localhost/LAN/WAN.
        !!!For this to work JDownloader tries to setup port forwarding automatically via UPnP.!!!

Last Upnp Port:

Latest upnp(remote) port from automatic port forwarding via upnp.



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