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Example: Modify Package name via anchor in URL

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Packagizer example rule: Modify package name via anchor in URL

What this rule does:
This rule is using a wildcards to get everything behind "#packagename=" and set it as a new package name.
This can be useful if you e.g. have a list of many URLs and want to force JD to use a pre-defined custom package name for some of them instead of the package name which JD would otherwise auto set.
Original URL: -> Would show up with package name "speed" in JD.
--> Let's say we want JD to set this package name instead:
1. Modify URL(s):
Note: Make sure to properly URL encode filenames inside URLs!
You can use websites like to make sure the encoding is correct.
2. Add Packagizer rule which modifies the filenames of all URLs matching the above pattern:

Now add your modified URL to JD and the package name will be set accordingly.

You can accomplish pretty much the same by using a .crawljob (FolderWatch) file and just adding this into the LinkGrabber.

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