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How to add your account to JDownloader?

Go to Settings -> Account Manager -> Acc -> -> Enter your API key which you can obtain here
If you're using myjdownloader to remove control your JDownloader, simply enter that API key in both the username- and password fields.


Free mode: Error "You are speed limited"

This happens when you've used up all of your free download quota.
By default JDownloader will not try to continue downloading and will instead prompt you to change your IP in order to get around this limitation.
If you want to continue downloading with limited speeds, you can change this behavior under Settings -> Plugins -> -> Action to perform when downloads over your IP are speed limited
You may have to restart JDownloader in order for this setting to take effect.

Free mode: I'm getting prompts to enter browser captchas - how to avoid them?
After some time those captchas might disappear. If you do not want to solve them you can configure JDownloader to wait whenever they occur.
You can do so under Settings -> Plugins -> -> Action to perform when captcha is required for downloading -> Ask again later

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