How to backup & restore your JD configuration
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How to backup/restore your JD configuration

How to create a backup?

  1. Click on File --> Backup --> Backup all settings
  2. Select your save path and confirm.
  3. A file with the ending ".jd2backup" will be created in your selected folder.
    This includes the following information:
    - Downloadlist
    - LinkGrabber List
    - All settings
    - All of your accounts
    - EventScripter scripts
    - Basically everything from inside the "[Your JD install dir]/cfg" folder

How to restore a backup?

  1. Click on File --> Backup --> Restore settings
  2. Select your previously saved file and confirm
  3. JD will restart with your restored settings

How to manually backup- and restore your JDownloader configuration (settings, accounts etc.)?

If you e.g. want to let an external backup application create backups of your JD config or you e.g. want to restore a config of a broken down JD installation which does not star anymore, you will find your JD config files in your "JD install dir/cfg".
Simply save this folder and copy it over to another JD installation to restore your config.

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