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How to use another browser than your OS default to solve browser captchas

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How to use another browser than your OS' default to solve browser captchas

By default, JDownloader will use your OS' default browser to solve browser captchas so in order to use another browser for captcha solving all you have to do is to change your default browser.
However, some users prefer to- or have to use another browser to solve browser-captchas than their OS' default browser.
This browser can also be a "portable" browser e.g. one which did not even require a full installation - similar like done in these instructions.
Notice: These instructions were created on a Windows 10 machine with Chrome set as default browser but we want to configure JD to prefer a Portable version of Firefox for browser captcha solving.

1. Make sure that the new browser you want to use also has our myjdownloader addon installed - browser-captchas will not work without this addon (technical requirement, a myjd account is NOT required!).
You can only use browsers which our myjd addon is compatible with!

2. Find out where your new browser is installed.
In this example, it is located here:

3. Go to Settings --> Advanced Settings --> Search for: browser captchasolver browser commandline
Note: The format is a json array.
* Do not forget the leading and trailing chars: [ and ]
* These special characters must be escaped: \ and " --> \ to \\ and " to \"
* Each parameter in your commandline should be wrapped by " and seperated by a ,
* Use %s as wildcard for the url
* Do not press enter to confirm changes. Just unfocus the field by clicking somewhere else.

Put the following in "Value" (replace example-path below with the path to the browser on your system):

["C:\\FirefoxPortable\\FirefoxPortable.exe", "%s"]

--> All done, now it should look like in the following screenshot (do not forget the "%s"):

4. Continue using JDownloader - now it will use your custom defined browser to open browser-captchas.

Other possibilities using commandline parameters

Using other commandline parameters supported by your browser you can e.g. make JD use another browser-profile only for captcha solving.
This can be a more elevant solution vs. using another browser or a dedicated installation of the same browser.

List of possible parameters: Firefox | Chrome and Chromium based browsers

More examples for above instructions point #3 (Mac)
Default Firefox with a specified (for example: "second") profile
[ "open", "-n", "-a", "/Applications/", "--args", "-profile", "/Users/<MyUserName>/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/xxxxxxxx.second", "-new-tab", "%s" ]
(Go to this folder: "/Users/<MyUserName>/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/", find the exact code that is shown before ".second" and change the "xxxxxxxx" into that code.)

Default Firefox with default profile
[ "open", "-n", "-a", "/Applications/", "--args", "%s" ]

Default Chrome with default profile
[ "open", "-n", "-a", "/Applications/Google", "--args", "%s" ]

A second (or portable) Firefox with default profile
[ "open", "-n", "-a", "/Users/<MyUserName>/FF2/", "--args", "-new-tab", "%s" ]

A second (or portable) Firefox with a specified browser profile
[ "open", "-n", "-a", "/Users/<MyUserName>/FF2/", "--args", "-profile", "/Users/<MyUserName>/FF2/profile", "-new-tab", "%s" ]

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