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How to use a VPN/Proxy with JDownloader

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How to use a VPN/Proxy with JDownloader


A lot of VPN services provide their own VPN software.
Once enabled, your VPN is usually active for all applications running on your system and you do not need to follow any additional steps.


You can add one- or multiple proxies via Settings -> Connection Manager -> Add

How to check if my VPN/proxy is working? How can I see the IP that's used for downloading?

1. Start your downloads.

2. Hover your mouse over the "Connection" column of a working download.
After a few seconds you will see additional information as shown in the following screenshot:

Tags: Proxy, VPN, SOCKS4, SOCKS5

How to use only a proxy/VPN for downloading

For VPN users:
If you use a VPN, your VPN software may already have a feature that blocks all connections whenever that VPN fails.
If not you may want to add the Network-interface of that connection via Settings -> Connection Manager -> Add -> Type: Direct --> Select the Network-Interface of your VPN.

After that, simply enable all connections you want to allow and deactivate "No Proxy".

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