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Firefox: Extension is not updated automatically
Posted by Marco F, Last modified by Jiaz on 08 April 2020 12:17 PM

The problem

Your installed version of the Firefox browser extension is older than the version you see on the MyJDownloader apps download page.

The solution

This issue is related to the Firefox: Addon can not be downloaded issue.
To enable automatic updates, you have to whitelist our server in your anti virus / malware software.

The server that the extension update is loaded from and that you should whitelist is

How to whitelist depends on the anti virus solution you're using.

UPDATE: AgileBits, the makers of the 1Password extension have written up a post on how to fix this with the most common anti virus solutions.

What is happening?

Most of the time this issue is caused by Anti Virus or Anti Malware Software that intercepts downloads of extensions to prevent unwanted extension installations with the side effect of preventing wanted extension installations.