Google Drive: Failure when crawling private folders
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Google Drive: Failure when crawling private folders

JDownloader is currently unable to crawl private Google Drive folders e.g. ones which are only shared for you (private files are downloadable as long as you've added your Google account to JD!).
Adding your Google account to JDownloader won't help either when trying to download private folders.

If you are unsure whether the folder URL you're trying to add to JD is private or public, you can do the following to find this out:

  1. Open a new private browser tab or og out of your current google account in your existing browser session.
  2. Open the folder URL: If you can still view the folder, it is publicly shared and JD should be able to handle it!
    Otherwise Google will usually ask you to login which would indicate that it is a private folder.

Possible workarounds:

  1. Ask the person who shared the private folder with you to share it as a public folder (link sharing which is not restricted to  specified google accounts/mails).
    This is safe as long as you're the only person who knows the URL.
  2. Import/copy the privately shared folder into your own Google account and then share it via public folder.
  3. In case you only need a hand full of files of that public folder:
    Navigate to those and add them one after one to JD (again: files, not folders! E.g.

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