Google Drive: Troubleshooting
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Google Drive: Troubleshooting

This guide provides various troubleshooting hints for downloading from Google Drive.

JDownloader is not adopting the folder structure of my added Google Drive Folders, how to fix this?

This should work fine by default.
If it doesn't, it most likely fails due to wrong settings see this article.

I'm unable to add private folders!
Private folders are not supported.

If you are unsure whether the folder URL you're trying to add to JD is private or public, you can do the following to find this out:

  1. Open a new private browser tab or log out of your current google account in your existing browser session.
  2. Open the folder URL again:
    If you can still view the folder, it is publicly shared and JD should be able to handle it. If it doesn't work nevertheless, continue with the next troubleshooting point regarding public folders.
    If it is a private folder, Google will usually ask you to login at this point in which case you'd need to follow the steps below.

Single private files are supported and can be downloaded as long as the required Google Account has been added to JDownloader.
Possible workarounds to add such folders:

  • If the folder only contains a few items: Add them one by one
  • Or: If you're the owner of that folder, create a public link and add this to JD.
    If you do not own that folder, import it into your account, then create a public link and add that to JD.
    As long as you do not share that public URL with anyone it's nearly as safe as a private one.
    You can remove that public link after downloading the files.

  1. If it's not your folder:
    Ask the person who shared the private folder with you to share it as a public folder (link sharing which is not restricted to a specified google account).
    This is safe as long as you're the only person who knows the URL.
    If the person does not want to do that, try the next step.
  2. Import/copy the privately shared folder into your own Google account and then share it as a public folder.
    As long as you're the only one who knows the URL to a public folder no one else will be able to access it.
    Once you've downloaded it, you can revoke the public URL on the Google Drive website.
  3. In case you only need a hand full of files of that public folder:
    Navigate to those and add them one by one to JD
    Again: files, not folders! Single file URLs typically look like this:
    You will be able to download single private files just fine as long as the Google account with the appropriate rights is added to JD!
  4. If none of this works, you can still manually download that folder:
    Open it in your browser, click on the small downward pointing arrow next to the folder name -> Download
    This may take a while because google will now serverside create a .zip archive containing all contents for you to download.
    This way you can download all contents of a folder with one click.

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I'm unable to add a public folder.

Add an API key and try again.

I'm getting error "plugin outdated" when trying to download.

Add an API key and try again.

I'm getting error "Download not allowed" when trying to download.

This error can only happen in API mode.
Remove your Google Drive API key, reset the failed items in JD and try again.

I'm getting error "Quota limit reached" when trying to download.

For most of all publicly shared files, there is an invisible quota limit which will kick in for files with a lot of downloads.
Google applies this limit in two stages:

  1. Public downloads are being restricted so the file can only be downloaded for users who are logged in in a Google Drive account.
    You can easily verify this by opening such a link in a private browser window where you are not logged in:
    You will get the same/similar error message in your browser than in JD.
  2. For files restricted even further, they cannot be downloaded at all - not even via account.
    You can easily verify this by opening such a link in your normal browser while being logged in in a Google Drive account:
    You will get the same/similar error message in your browser than in JD.
    In this case all you can (officially) do is to wait and try later. One final possible manual solution is listed down below.

What can I generally do to get around this limit?

  • Retry with another IP and/or Google account
  • If nothing helps: Try this last resort method (without JDownloader): Click | Video tutorial: Click

How to setup JD to avoid this limit in the best way?

  1. Add your Google Drive Account to JDownloader via Settings -> Account Manager -> Add ->
  2. Add an account usage rule to force JD to never attempt downloads without account.
  3. [Optional] For users who have added an API Key to JDownloader:
    If you're often downloading quota limited, got to Settings -> Plugins -> and be sure to use the following setting:
    - API Download mode: Use website if account is available and file is quota limited

I'm getting error "file not found" when trying to download or in the linkgrabber.

  1. Check if that file is really online by opening the link in your browser.
    If it is not online, you will not be able to download it with JDownloader.
  2. If it is a private file/link:
    - If you've added an API Key: Delete it and try again. You cannot add/download private files in API mode (yet).
    - If you haven't yet added your Google Drive account to JDownloader, add it and try again -> Account is required to download private files!
    If it keeps failing:
    Delete the link in JD, create a new public share link for the same file and check if you can download it now.
    You can revoke public share links after downloading them using the Google Drive website.
    Public share links are nearly as safe as private links. As long as you do not share them with anyone else, only you will be able to access- and download them.
  3. If it's a public file/linkAdd an API key and try again.

I'm getting error "Skipped - Account is missing" when trying to download?

Add your Google Drive account to JDownloader and try again. See Settings -> Account Manager

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