Plugin Settings
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Plugin Settings

JDownloader is supporting a wide range of websites via plugins.

Some of these plugins have some extra settings to tweak their behavior/limits/filename scheme.
Those can be found under Settings -> Plugins

Common questions and answers:

I'm unable to find website XY in the list of settings - does this mean that the website is not supported?
Not necessarily! This list is not a complete list of supported websites! It only contains entries of plugins that actually have plugin settings.
There is no complete list of supported websites available. In case you're looking for that, either check the names of the files inside [Your JD install dir]/jd/plugins or look into our source code.

How to reset plugin settings of a selected website to their defaults?
Select the website/plugin and then click the yellow arrow on the right side next to the field containing the name of the website to reset settings to their defaults.

For advanced users:
Some but not all plugins will additionally expose their plugin settings and/or additional advanced settings via Settings -> Advanced Settings

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