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How can I download using a premium account?

  1. Go to -> Click on API Key -> Get my API Key -> Copy the key to your clipboard
    If you can't see "Get my API key", click on "Disable API usage" instead and then on "Get my API key".
    If the 1fichier website does not allow you to display/generate an API key, your 1fichier account is not a premium account.
  2. Open JDownloader -> Settings -> Account Manager -> Add -> -> Enter your API key here

    If you're using myjdownloader, enter your API key in both the username and password fields!

I bought a 'premium key'/'Voucher'/'Activation key' from a reseller - how can I use that in JDownloader?

  1. Register a free account.
  2. Login, go to and redeem your voucher there.
  3. Now your 1fichier account should be a premium account and you should be able to generate an API key using the above instructions.

I'm getting the error "Must Have CDN" or "Premium status must not be used on professional services". cannot be used with VPN/Proxy- or Server-IPs.
If you think you're falsely getting this message, contact the 1fichier support.
This message is not related to the JDownloader software!

I bought CDN credits, how can I use CDN credits for downloading?

  1. Stop your downloads in JDownloader and open in your browser -> Click on CDN Credits -> Hit the checkbox
  2. Go to Settings -> Account Manager -> Rightclick on -> Refresh
    It should look like this:
  3. Now you can start your downloads again and your CDN credits will be used for downloading.

I own a free account so I'm unable to generate an API key to add it to JDownloader, how can I use it in JDownloader?

  1. Open JDownloader -> Settings -> Plugins -> -> Disable Use premium API
  2. Now add your account to JDownloader under Settings -> Account Manager -> Add -> -> Enter your username and password

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