How to restore a lost Download list or LinkGrabber list?
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How to restore a lost Download list or LinkGrabber list?

JDownloader will backup your Download list and LinkGrabber list periodically.
You can find your lists in [Your JD Install directory]/cfg/ and
In case JDownloader failed to load a list, it auto creates a backup which will e.g. be stored as
You can find those backups in [Your JD Install directory]/cfg/ and

Ways to import such backup files:

1. File --> Load Linkcontainer


2. Simply use drag'n drop to put these files into the LinkGrabber or Download Tab.

JDownloader will then ask you to confirm:

Hint: You can add/merge multiple backups of linklists to one JDownloader. All items of each newly added backup will be added on top of the existing entries.

Downloadlist & LinkGrabber backup settings (advanced settings) and file- saving behavior

You can change the backup behavior for both lists as described below.
You should really only touch these advanced settings if you know what you're doing!
All of the following settings can be found under Settings --> Advanced Settings

  1. Define how many old lists should be kept:
    GeneralSettings: Keep x old lists
    If you set this e.g. to 5, six lists in total will be stored (e.g. 5 old ones & the current one).
  2. Define the save delay:
    After every change (e.g. download-progress, moving an item in the list etc.), JD waits a defined amount of min/max milliseconds until it stored these lists - see:
    For Downloadlist:
    For LinkGrabber:
    Example behavior with minimum of 5000 and maximum of 60000:
    Changes of the affected list will be written at the earliest 5 seconds after your last changes and after 60 seconds after the latest.

Please keep in mind that these last stored lists are not any kind of archive / history!
JDownloader will create a new file containing the full list at time Y each time it writes.
If you e.g. delete items, these will only exist for a very short emount of time in these old lists.

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