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Linkgrabber: How to add links

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Linkgrabber: How to add links

There are multiple ways to add links to JD all of which depend on how you use/control JD.
Keep in mind that Click-And-Load is possible via all methods which is why it is not listed here separately.

Add links in JDownloader with GUI

There are multiple methods to add links to a JDownloader via GUI:

1. Add Links via clipboard observation
Enable clipboard observation so JD will auto-catch every supported URL that you copy to your clipboard.
Extra hint: If you only want to add a single link and already have it in your clipboard, you may as well simply enable-and disable clipboard observation with 2 clicks to let JD only grab tha one item.

2. Add links via CTRL + V
Go into the linkgrabber or downloadlist and simply paste any URL via CTRL + V.

3. Manually add links via 'Add links' dialog

Compared to the other method this one lets you set specified properties like packagename and downloa path right away.
This will also deep-crawl for downloadable URLs inside unsupported URLs (e.g. url to an sunsupported website containing an image gallery).

Adding links via / Smartphone App

Open the myjdownloader app, switch to the Linkgrabber tab and click on the plus symbol in the top right corner.

Adding links via myjdownloader browser addon

Open any website which contains URLs you want to download -> Rightclick on these -> Download with JDownloader
You may as well do this anywhere on the current page to add the URL of the current tab (address bar) to JD.

LinkGrabber quick settings

You can find the LinkGrabber quick settings in the bottom right corner of the Linkgrabber tab (gear icon).

Quick settings: Auto Confirm and Autostart Download

  1. Navigate to the linkgrabber quick settings.
  2. Enable "Autostart Download" and "Auto confirm".
    Aequivalent settings in advanced config / for headless users:
  3. Now once you are adding new items to the linkgrabber, JDownloader will wait some seconds, move them to your downloadlist and auto start downloading.
    There will also be a circle progress bar displayed in the bottom right corner of JD as a visual indicator on when items will be auto moved to your downloadlist.
    If you do not want added items to be downloaded immediately, but you want them to be auto moved to your downloadlist, disable "Autsotart Download" and leave "Auto Confirm" enabled.
  4. The delay until items get added to your downloadlost can be customized in the advanced settings:
    LinkgrabberSettings.autoconfirmdelay (only do this if you know what you're doing!).

Further customization settings:
By default, JDownloader will wait until the linkgrabber is finished before miving items to your downloadlist.
However some users max prefer it to move them even if the linkgrabber is still working.
This can be useful for example if a crawl process is adding a lot of items over a longer period of time.
To allow for this to happen you can define a maximum time after which all items from the linkgrabber will be moved to your downloadlist regardless whether or not new items are still being added to the linkgrabber.

Settings -> Advanced Settings -> LinkgrabberSettings.autoconfirmmaxdelay
(This needs to be set to a value higher than LinkgrabberSettings.autoconfirmdelay !)

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