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Add custom Buttons and Scripts to JDownloader

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The Eventscripter can be used to write Scripts in JavaScript to customize your JDownloader.
Install- and activate the Eventscripter in the JDownloader Settings panel.

Add Buttons

You can add buttons to almost all menus in JDownloader. Open the Menu Manager (Settings->User Interface->Menu Manager) and add a "EventScripter Trigger" Button.

Now choose a name for the action (1). This step is important, because we will need this name later in the scripts.
For this example, we choose the name -> "MyButton"
Moreover, you can choose an icon (2) and a shortcut (3) for the action.

Click [Save] and the Button will appear in your menu.


No we switch to the EventScripter and create a new Script (Click Add)

  1. Enable the Script
  2. Choose a Name (Whatever you want)
  3. Choose the Trigger. We added as button to the Toolbar, so we choose the Toolbar Button Pressed Trigger. 
  4. Click the Edit Button


  1. The Help Panel contains a documentation about the EventScripter API. If you miss anything for your script, just ask our support.
  2. We write a simple Script that shows a alert box text: "My Button Pressed". To be sure that this script only is executed for the button we created, and not for other custom buttons in the same menu, we add the if (name == "MyButton") { ... } statement.
  3. Use the auto format button to format your script in a clean way.
  4. Use the Test Compile Button to check if you Script Syntax is correct.
  5. Click [Save] to save your script and exit the editor.

If you click MyButton now, the dialog box will appear.



If nothing happens, make sure that your script is enabled.
All scripts disable themselves if there are any errors in the script. If this happens, check your script and enable it.



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