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This guide is useful if you're having trouble adding your premium account to JD or if you simply prefer to use your own API credentials.
For account related tasks, JDownloader is using the official API.
The API can only be used with a given set of app key and a special User-Agent string and only works with premium accounts thus JD only supports premium accounts.

  1. Go to and click on "Get App Key".
    Enter your data. You have to enter a valid E-Mail address!
  2. After a few minutes you will receive an E-Mail containing your personal API credentials:

    Do not share those with anyone!
  3. In JDownloader go to Settings -> Plugins -> and enter your custom API credentials:

    In case you weren't able to add your premium account to JD, you should now be able to do so either by deleting- and re-adding your fshare account to JD or rightclick on your existing account in JD -> Refresh.

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