Error Skipped - Account is missing
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Skipped - Account is missing

I'm a free user (no account or free account) - why am I getting this error?
You will usually see this error if a file is either only downloadable for premium users or free account users but you either do not own an account for the file hosting service at all or only a free account.
In some cases this error will also appear for private content such as videos which either only the owner can watch/download or you can only view it when you're friends with the owner.

Always check against the errormessage you see in browser - in many cases you will see a more detailed error message via browser e.g. "Free users can only download files up to 100MB".

I'm a premium user (sometimes also applies for users of free-accounts) - why am I getting this error?
Your account might have run out of traffic, expired or there were too many errors so JD fell back to free download mode and displayed this error.
To avoid this, all you have to do is to add an account usage rule for the service you're using.

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