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Captchas in premium mode or during account login

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Captchas in premium mode or during account login

Login captchas

Some services will ask you for captchas during the login process.
Reasons for this may vary but most of the time it is their way of anti fraud protection.
In most cases you will only have to enter such a captcha once the first time you add an account to JDownloader.
Some services however might reset their session after some hours/days which will then require another captcha to be entered in order to refresh that session.
Because these captchas are happening during the login process, they may even happen if you own a premium account because there is no way of that service to know your account type before you're logged in.
Please note that if you enter the captcha wrong- or not at all, JDownloader will display an account error and you will have to refresh the account in order to start another login attempt.

The behavior should be similar in browser and JDownloader so please only contact our support if you e.g. do never need to enter a captcha via browser but JD is frequently asking you to enter such captchas in order to add your account!

Captchas in free- or free account mode

A lot of services will require free users to solve captchas and usually they will have even more restrictions in place.
Click HERE to find out more about this and why buying a premium account could make sense for you.

Captchas in premium mode

If you own a premium account all you have to do is add it and you're good to go and it should remove all download captchas (NOT login captchas - read the above!).
However, JD does by default fall back to free download mode if either fatal issues are happening, your (daily) account traffic limit has been reached, your account is not a premium account anymore or some other account issue occured (e.g. account temporarily banned).
The above described handling might be confusing sometimes but you can force JDownloader to e.g. never use the free mode of a certain service and always try downloading via account by creating an account usage rule for each service that you're planning to use in premium mode only.
With the rule(s) set up correctly, JD will never fall back to free download mode and always try in premium mode.
In some cases though the website you're trying to download from may be buggy and thus the download still won't work so it's always a good idea to check the manual download via browser to exclude any errors caused by the website you're trying to download from.

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