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How to change your DNS server

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How to change your DNS server

Why it makes sense [for some users] to change your DNS server?

Most users are using the default DNS server supplied by their ISP which sometimes comes with some disadvantages:

  • It might be slow resulting in webpages loading slow even if your connection speed is good
  • It may filter out work-inappropriate sites or adult websites

I'm having DNS related issues only in JDownloader and not in my browser - how is that possible?

Your browser could be using DoH (DnsOverHTTPS) by default.
This can avoid DNS blocking while other tools running on the same operating system may get blocked.

How to change your DNS server?

There are a lot of good sets of instructions on the Internet which is why we won't bother writing custom instructions but link them instead.
Also the process of changing your DNS server is different for each used OS (Operating System) except if you're planning to change it globally for your whole network (in your router).
This is not an advertisement for the DNS servers we link down below. They simply provide a good set of instructions for many OS and devices.

Instructions of some particular DNS (you only need to pick one):

As explained we're only linking the above DNS providers as their instructions are very well written.
You're free to pick any you like - for example:

Lists of other public DNS servers:

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