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Copy / view added URLs

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How to view / copy added URLs?

There are multiple places where you can view/copy these URLs:

  • Select single items or package(s) and press CTRL + C to copy all URLs behind them
  • To view and/or copy the URL(s) of single items, rightclick on a package or single item -> Settings -> Show Download URLs
    Inside the small window which is opened, you can double-click in the "Download from" column to view/copy all available URLs related to this item
  • Rightclick in the table header inside Downloadlist or LinkGrabber and enable the column "Download From"


When adding an URL it can lead to multiple URLs which also means that single items in JD can have multiple related URLs such as e.g.:

  • Source
  • Data
  • Container
  • And more - see explanation below

You can customize what you get on CTRL + C via Settings -> User Interface -> Downloadlink address display -> Disable unwanted entries and/or move them via drag'n drop.
This will also affect what is displayed inside Downloadlist/LinkGrabber column "Download from".


If I copy the URL I don't get the URL leading directly to the file behind but instead the URL I've initially added to JD - why?

First you can try to go to the above mentioned settings, move "Data" to the top and check if you can see the expected URLs now.
If this doesnt change anything you've probably added your URL via a "link protector website" in which case JD will try to protect those URLs too and won't show them to you.
To be able to get to the "hidden/real" URL at least for single items, use the above mentioned advanced setting!

I cannot view/copy any URL at all - why?

This can happen if you've added your URLs via a source which tries to "protect" them.

  • Click and Load (CNL)
  • DLC Container
  • Other crawler which tries to "protect" the URLs (rare case)

To be able to get to the "hidden/real" URL at least for single items, enable the following advanced setting:

Advanced Setting: GeneralSettings: copysinglerealurl

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