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Advanced Feature: Domain Rules

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Advanced Feature: Domain Rules

Domain Rules can be used to fine tune limits for specific domains, filename-patterns and much more.
Typically you will either use them to limit all downloads of one host or allow exceeding the global number of simultaneous downloads for one host.
These rules will not magically speed-up your downloads!

You can find them under Settings -> Advanced Settings -> General Settings: Domain Rules

Example json structure of such rules:

"enabled" : false,
"pluginPattern" : null,
"domainPattern" : ".*jdownloader\\.org",
"maxSimultanDownloads" : 20,
"accountPattern" : "myUsername",
"allowToExceedTheGlobalLimit" : false,
"filenamePattern" : "\\.png$"

Example rule: allow all hosts to exceed the global limit:

[ {
"domainPattern" : ".+",
"enabled" : true,
"maxSimultanDownloads" : 21,
"allowToExceedTheGlobalLimit" : true
} ]

Example rule: limit a single host to max. 1 download:

[ {
"domainPattern" : "jdownloader\\.org",
"enabled" : true,
"maxSimultanDownloads" : 1,
"allowToExceedTheGlobalLimit" : false
} ]

Explanation of all available fields:

Field name Description Data type
enabled Use this to enable/disable single domain rules boolean
pluginPattern Pattern of domain of the actually used plugin
(useful for multihoster downloads)
domainPattern Pattern of the domain RegEx
maxSimultanDownloads Max allowed simultaneous downloads Integer
accountPattern Pattern of username of the used account RegEx
allowToExceedTheGlobalLimit Enable/disable exceeding of the global limit boolean
filenamePattern Pattern of filename of the file to download RegEx

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