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Enable/Disable 'Create a subfolder by packagename' feature

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Enable/Disable 'Create a subfolder by packagename' feature


You have 2 different ways to add a subfolder with the name of your package to the download path or newly added packages.
Make sure that there is not more than one of these options enabled or you might end up getting several subfolders.
If you want to disable this feature, make sure to disable BOTH of these settings!

The first option is part of our Packagizer feature.

Note: Changes of this setting will only affect new added links! Nothing will change for existing links in downloadlist and LinkGrabber!

1st option: Go to Settings --> Packagizer --> Enable/Disable "Predefined rule: Create subfolder by packagename"

2nd option: Settings --> General --> Click on "Browse" next to your current download folder --> Check/uncheck "Subfolder by package" --> Save

Headless/myjdownloader - Disable/Enable 'Create a subfolder by packagename' feature

There are two way to do this:

1. If you do not use any of the (default) Packagizer features at all and want to DISABLE this Setting, go to Settings --> Advanced Settings --> PackagizerSettings: Packagizer --> Disable this setting
2. Open a JDownloader with GUI and set your Packagizer settings as described at the beginning of this article.
Then go to Settings --> Advanced Settings --> PackagizerSettings: Rule List --> Copy everything in "Value"
In myjdownloader, go to Settings --> Advanced Settings --> PackagizerSettings: Rule List --> Paste the data you've copied from your other JDownloader here
To re-enable this Setting, simply repeat this process.

How can I use the relative paths in other places e.g. in customized download paths?

See Packagizer support article, search for "subfolderbyplugin".


I've disabled "subfolder by packagename" but JDownloader is still creating subfolders for each newly added package.

  1. Got to Settings -> General -> Download Folder and make sure that this path does not contain "<jd:packagename>".
  2. Switch to the LinkGrabber tab -> Click on "Add New Links" in the bottom left corner.
    Make sure that neither the current- or any of your recently used download paths (see dropdown list) contains "<jd:packagename>".
    If in doubt, clear your download path destination history via:
    Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Search for "LinkgrabberSettings.downloaddestinationhistory" -> Click on the yellow arrow in the same line on the right side to reset your download destination history.
  3. Lastly keep in mind that those changes only affect packages added after applying those settings.
    You can edit download paths of older packages manually or delete- and re-add them.


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