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How to create and upload session logs

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Notice: Logs may contain personal data. Please see our privacy policy.

  • In case you want to manually take a look at your logs: Logs are kept within your 'installation path\logs\'.
    Different sessions are stored in different subdirectories.
    Logs are kept in raw text and you can open them in your preferred text-editor.
  • You can modify log files in said folder before uploading them and remove private data if you want to.

Debug Logs

If requested by your supporter, please provide debug logs!
In this case you need to change a setting before creating and uploading your logs!

Account based issues and some other actions are not logged by default, you will need to enable 'Debug mode' as follows:

  1. Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Search  for Log: Debug Mode and enable this)
  2. Restart JDownloader -> Follow the instructions below

How to upload Logs

  1. If a supported has asked you to post logs, re-read the post of your JD supporter: In case debug-logs are required you first need to enable those (see previous part of this article)!
    If your issue is account/login related, debug logs are always required!
    Restart JDownloader and make sure that you re-create the issue you are having so that it gets logged.
    If e.g. your problem is that you cannot add your account for a specified website, try to add your account 2-3 times so that your problem gets logged.
  2. Go to Help → Create a Log.
  3. Select the 'date & times' that your given problem occurred - do not just select everything!
  4. Click Continue and provide your logID in the format jdlog://id123456 to your supporter (copy and paste).
    Important: Our supporters can only view your logs if you send us your logID! Logs uploaded without sending us the log-ID will not be checked by any of our staff!
    If you somehow lose your log-ID before sending it to us, just start over again and upload another log.

  How to upload Logs on Headless / myjdownloader

Basically the same as above but you will find the "Upload Log" button under Settings --> Create A Log

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