What is the Packagizer?
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What is the Packagizer?

The packagizer is a feature which lets you modify parameters of given links & packages based on already given parameters.

It is most commonly used to modify filenames (e.g. remove parts of them) based on existing filenames or packagenames.

Many users are also using it to auto-set their download directory based on given filename & type.

Note: Packagizer rules will only affect new added links! Nothing will change for existing links in downloadlist and LinkGrabber!



Simple example: Modify filename

The following rule will append "JDAwesome_" to all files from source "" which are online.

URL used in this example:
Final filename of this example will be:" instead of originally "".

More examples

You will find more examples in this Packagizer category and also by searching for "Packagizer" (german "Paketverwalter") in our support forum.

Depending on your needs, this article will get updated to contain more useful examples in the future!

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