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Dynamic variables in download paths

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Dynamic variables in download paths

Whenever you can change the download path of a package, you can add dynamic variabls to that paths. These variables will be replaced to create the final path.

Possible variables:

  • <jd:simpledate:yyyy-MM-dd> will add the current date to the download path in user defined date-format
  • <jd:packagename> will add the packagename to the downloadpath
  • And others you see in the context-menu as shown in the screenshot down below

Let's asume you want a download path like c:/mydownloads/<current date>/<package name>/
You can set up your default download path like this:


 You can also get some basic dynamic value hints by doing a right-click in your download-path as shown in the screenshot below:

Where can I use dynamic variables?

You can not use dynamic variables in download paths of items in your downloadlist!

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