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List of hotkeys/shortcuts

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List of hotkeys/shortcuts

JDownloader contains two types of hotkeys:
All hotkeys which are performing actions that are also available as buttons in the toolbar or actions in the context menu can be user defined in the respective menu editors.
All other hotkeys are hardcoded.

All hotkeys are for the GUI version of JDownloader. There are no hotkeys for our webinterface available!

Hardcoded hotkeys:

Hotkey Action
CTRL + TAB Switch between main tabs (mostly downloadlist/linkgrabber/settings[if opened])
CTRL + F Search in bottom searchbar (Downloadlist and linkgrabber)
CTRL + Click
selected packages
(Click on expand-
Expands/collapses all selected packages
CTRL + Click
One package
Expands/collapses selected package and all packages below
SHIFT + CTRL + Click
One package
Expands/collapses selected package and all packages above

Modifyable hotkeys:

Hotkey Action
ALT + HOME Move selected file(s)/package(s) to top
ALT + UP Move selected file(s)/package(s) up
ALT + DOWN Move selected file(s)/package(s) down
ALT + END Move selected file(s)/package(s) to bottom
CTRL + C Copy link/package information/downloadlink (use the menu editor to define what to copy and also read this)
CTRL + L Add new links
CTRL + O  Add container
CTRL + P Open Settings tab
CTRL + Q Exit JDownloader
CTRL + R Trigger Reconnect
CTRL + S Start/Stop downloads
CTRL + U Trigger update
CTRL + SHIFT + R Restart JDownloader
F2 Rename files/packages, pressing this hotkey after selecting multiple files/packages will open a mass rename window with RegEx rename capabilities
DEL Delete file/package


Applying custom shortcuts

You can edit existing- or define custom shortcuts for all actions which you can find in the menu manager.
There are 3 menu managers:

Main toolbar

Some actions are in all 3 of them, some are.g. only on the downloadlist menu manager.

Global shortcuts for actions which are not available in the mentioned menu managers cannot be edited.


Removing shortcuts
There is no button to explicitely remove a shortcut but you can reset a shortcut of an action to its default value with the yellow-arrow button nearby.
If the default is "no shortcut", that will remove the shortcut.


How to find the respective menu editors
Rightclick in the downloadlist/linkgrabber/toolbar -> Open menu editor

We've collected a lot of user feedback regarding hotkey handling. Here is a small list of popular forum threads containing suggestions:

You can find more threads in our forum by searching for hotkey.

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