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How can I speed up JDownloader

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Getting more Download Speed!

If you are having speed issues e.g. slow download speed, please also check out THIS troubleshooting guide!
A lot of people are asking this question. Download Speed is usually limited by two things:

  1. The Hoster it self
  2. Your internet connection

JDownloader downloads as fast as possible. The maximum possible speed is of course the speed of your internet connection.
It is important to know, that most of the hosterĀ  use a "Freemium" model. This means that the provide basic features for free, and premium features for money.

That's why the restrict their free service with for example limitations like this:

  • Limited downloadspeed
  • Captchas
  • Waittimes before and after the download
  • Max. 1 simultaneous download
  • Max. 1 connection per file
  • Some files can only be downloaded by premium users
  • Ads
  • ...

Some waittimes can be bypassed be using JDownloader's Reconnect System. Captchas can usually not be bypassed.
We cannot bypass the download limitations (e.g. speed-limits) either.
If you want full speed, the only way is to by the hosters Premiumservices. See here how to get an Account and how to use it.

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