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How can I uninstall JDownloader

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How can I uninstall JDownloader

In order to be able to follow some of the instructions below, you may need to know in which directory your JDownloader is installed!
Click here to locate your JD install directory
If you want to continue using JD on another device you might want to backup your config before uninstalling JDownloader.
In case you're going to uninstall JDownloader and install it again in order to fix issues or a broken installation, try this guide instead!

Linux & MacOS

You can find an uninstaller script within your JDownloader directory with the filename Uninstall JDownloader.
In case you've installed JD manually, just delete the JDownloader installation directory.

3rd Party flat/snap package

Use the package manager you've used to install JDownloader to uninstall it.


The uninstall process depends on how you've installed JD on your Synology.

If you've used the community package, you can easily uninstall JDownloader via your package manager.
If you've installed it manually, simply delete the JD installation directory.
If you've setup a custom autostart script via scheduler, do not forget to delete that scheduler entry as well.


If you've installed JD manually:

Just delete the JD installation directory.

If you've installed JD via installer:

  1. Start -> Settings -> Apps -> Search for JDownloader -> Uninstall
    If you cannot find JD in the list of installed applications, open your install directory and look for Uninstall JDownloader.exe and double-click on it.
    If you cannot find that, just delete the JDownloader install dir otherwise continue with the next step.
  2. Proceed with the uninstallation as shown in the screenshots:
  3. In the end you will be asked whether or not you want to keep your downloadlists/settings:

Depending on your choice during the uninstall process, there might be temp files and config files left in your old installation directory.
You can delete your install directory at any time.

Uninstall failed under Windows, what can I do?

Delete your JDownloader install directory manually.

Troubleshooting FAQ

I'm unable to uninstall JDownloader, what can I do?

Contact us via and include a detailed description of your problem.

I've uninstalled JDownloader but some files remain, what to do with those?

Most likely those are your config files and downloadlist/linkgrabber lists.
You can delete those if you do not need them anymore.

I've uninstalled JDownloader but I can still see it in the list of installed applications (Windows), how to remove that entry too?
Use these instructions to remove those old entries.

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