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Multihoster troubleshooting

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Multihoster toubleshooting guide

* we might refer to Multihosters as "Multi-Hoster" or "MOCH" which all has the same meaning.

In general, MOCHs are considered as unreliable by us which means they can fail at any time.
Also, a lot of One-Click-Hosts are trying to block MOCHs which makes them even more unstable.
If you are having an issue with a MOCH it is most likely not caused by JDownloader.

I'am getting captchas although I own a multihoster account, what can I do?
Check out the "Captchas in premium mode" guide!
Please keep in mind that just making sure that JD does not ask you for captchas will not fix the underlying issues so if you're interested in finding out what's causing your issue, continue reading!

If JDownloader does not use your multihost or is "giving up" after a few attempts, go through the following multihost guide:

  1. Is the host you want to download from even supported by your multihost?
    JDownloader will only attempt to download files of other filehost over our multihost if they are in the list of supported hosts of that multihoster.
    Check if your host is on that list - you can view it by clicking on the icon of your multihoster which you will find in the bottom toolbar in JD:

    If it is missing here, please contact the support of your multihost and ask them to add it. The list you see in JD is automatically refreshed on every account-check which happens automatically.
    Note: JDownloader can only display supported hosts of a multihoster for which JD itself has a plugin.
    If your multihoser supports more hosts via website than the list you see in JDownloader, chances are that these are not even supported by JD and thus not present in that list.
    If in doubt, contact our support!
  2. JD bug vs. issue caused by your multihoster
    Get the URL you've added to JDownloader then open the website if your multihoster, paste it there and see if you can manually download it.
    Most likely you are going to see an error message which means that the issue is clearly on the multihoster-side and has nothing todo with JDownloader --> Contact the support of your multihost and ask them for a bugfix.
    If you are able to download the URL without any issues via browser over your multihoster but it keeps failing in JD, this would indicate a JDownloader issue (rare case).
    Please only report multihoster related issues to our support when you've verified this before and are confident that the issue is caused by JD!
  3. VPN usage can be problematic
    A lot of services don't like it if their users are using a VPN.
    If you are using a VPN, disable it, try again without and check to see if this solves your problems.
    In case this caused your issues but you want to continue using your VPN, you can contact the support of the multihost you want to use and ask them to whitelist the IP of your VPN - if you're lucky they will do this for you.
  4. For better multihoster experience: Use account usage rules
    As mentioned in the beginning of this article, it is recommended to setup account usage rules for a better multihoster experience in JDownloader.

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