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Update behavior of JDownloader

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Current Revision & Date when it was released

1. How do I get updates?
All JDownloader changes are released via our custom built update system.
By default, the update button will start flashing once updates are available and they will be installed automatically the next time you close/restart JD or once you click the update button.
Small "plugin updates" are sometimes auto-installed in the background without any notification and do not require an application restart.
Smaller plugin updates can get released without a change of the build number displayed in GUI.

2. When do I receive updates e.g. after my support request has been closed or marked as 'Solved'?
Plugin updates generally become available within 0-5 minutes after the programmer commits work to, updates are then downloaded, installed silently with no user notification and are available to use without client restart!

Updates to non-plugin components require a "Core update". When Core update is released, default behaviour is for the client to pre-download, and indicate via flashing update button that an update is available to install. If you don't use any of these notifications, update will install on exit/close of application. JDownloader restart is required for core components to become available.
Core updates are not released every day!
In some cases, Core-Updates will be required for plugin changes too which can lead to delayed updates of single plugins while updates for other plugins are released at the same time.
Please do not ask repeatedly - wait until you receive an update which requires a JDownloader restart and only contact us again if you reported issue/suggested feature is still not fixed or working as expected!

3. Okay but I waited several days or more and there are no updates, why??
We call this a "build block".
Why does this happen? Unreleased Core components are required within Plugins, and creates this 'build block'.
Core updates can at times take many days to weeks to be released publicly, due to development schedule and testing.
We do not provide ETA for Core updates to be released, you will need to wait!

4. How to find out whether- or not an update with my requested feature / reported bug has been released?

a. Find out your JDownloaders' revision:
Click on "Help" in the upper right corner --> About JDownloader* --> See screenshot:

* in myjdownloader, you will find your JD revision under Settings --> About JDownloader

b. Check against the revision that contains the changes you are waiting for.
You can find the current/latest publicly released revision-number of JD at the beginning of this article.
If you've posted your request in our public support-forum, your supporter may have additionally linked/embedded information similar to the following screenshot:

In this case: The first line contains the revision number of the current release (= the one your JD should have at this moment) and the date it was released.
The second line contains your expected new revision number and the release-status of it.
Once that revision gets released, the upper revision number will be the same or higher than one on the bottom and the status will change to "Released":

Plugin updates can be released without changing the revision number but the build date changes on each new release!

Repeatedly pressing the update button will NOT magically make updates become available!
Nor will uninstalling/reinstalling JDownloader!

JDownloaders' update frequency is too high/annoying for me, why are there so many updates and what can I do about it?

JDownloader supports thousands of websites and if any of them change their layout, we often need to update our plugins which is what we are doing daily.
On good days we may release over 10 updates.
Our update system allows in-place updating (no application restart required) for most of the normal plugin updates.
If you do not update your JDownloader frequently you will run into the risk of failing downloads for several websites.

However, you are not forced to install updates immediately but the blinking/flashing update icon may imply this so you might want to disable it so then by default JDownloader will only install updates when you start/close it.


How to disable the blinking/flashing update icon?

Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Search for GraphicalUserInterfaceSettings.updatebuttonflashingenabled -> Disable that

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