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JDownloader directory files folders and cleanup

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JDownloader directory files folders and cleanup

This article describes which files/folders can be found in your JDownloader installation directory, the purpose of those and whether or not you can delete them.
While JD should keep its installation directory clean, it is not perfect in doing so and the older your installation is the higher the chances are of it containing obsolete files.
If you feel the need to clean that directory or if you're just curious what's the purpose of those files/folders, this article is for you.

Some warnings:

  • Deleting old files will not make JDownloader faster and it will not increase your download speed!
  • This is only an explanation article. If you're having trouble starting JDownloader please read this article instead.
  • Create a backup (preferable of your whole installation directory) before deleting anything!!
  • Not all files/directories exist for all installations. If a directory in the list below does not exist in your installation there is no need to be worried.

Close JDownloader before you attempt to delete any files!

Path Explanation Delete yes/no/explanation
captchas Temporary directory for captcha images. Yes
cfg Your configuration and download/linkcollector lists


Only delete if you want to start JD with default settings/empty list/no accounts.
You can delete some old files inside this directory see next few rows in this column.

See the following advanced settings:






Old window sizes and positions.
Those are now all stored in locations.json. 
Meta information about archives in list.
We have an open ticket for this to change the storage so automatic cleanup will be possible and no longer storing in individual files. Link


Only delete if there are no extractable archives in your JDownloader.

extensions Installed JDownloader extensions. No
jd JDownloader Hoster/Decrypter plugins and anti-captcha methods/scripts No
jre Java Runtime Environment which will be used if none is installed on your system.


If you delete/rename this folder, the launcher(JDownloader2.exe) will search for compatible JVM on your system instead.

libs JDownloader Libraries packed in jar archives No
logs Your session and installation logs.


JDownloader will auto-clean this folder according to the following advanced setting:


You can disable logging (not recommended because no logs in case or error reporting) by
setting log size to 0 with the following advanced setting:


logs/updatehistory History of file changes(add/remove/modify) during past updates. Yes
themes Themes , contains images/icons... No
themes/standard/org/jdownloader/images/fav* Automatically downloaded favicons.


You can delete this folder. JDownloader will automatically re-download all needed favicons once you use it the next time.

tmp Plugincaches, native libraries e.g. for extraction, JNA, FlatLAF


You may delete this folder but JDownloader will have to recreate plugin caches and extract required native libraries. this will increase first start up time of JDownloader noticeable.

tmp/logs* Contains a copy of the logs uploaded by you via logupload. Yes
tmp/update* Information about updates. e.g. downloaded but not yet installed/pending update packages


tools External/OS-specific libraries/tools/files such as FFmpeg. No
translations Translation files. No
update contains information required for update system, stores meta information about current installed revisions No
Core.jar JDownloader Core No
JDownloader.jar JDownloader Launcher/Updater No
JDownloader2.exe Launcher for Windows users. No

Defines the Java VM parameters for JDownloader2.exe

More information here.

JDownloader2Update.exe Updater launcher for Windows users. No

Defines the Java VM parameters for JDownloader2Update.exe

More information here.


Uninstall JDownloader.exe

Uninstaller for Windows users


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