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Why should i set up my Reconnect

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What is a reconnect?

Most internet connections are “dynamic IP address connections” this means that you'll get a different IP each time you connect to the internet. “Reconnect” means that you internet connection gets disconnected and connected afterwards. If you have a dynamic IP address connection (most DSL connections) you will get a new IP.

What is a new IP address good for?

Many hoster use an IP-block to force you to wait a certain time after each download. By changing your IP address, you can bypass this limitation. Please note, that this might conflict with the hosters tocs.

How can I see if I have a dynamic Ip connection?

  1. Check your ip here.
  2. Reset your connection manually (router webinterface,reset your modem, …)
  3. See if your ip has changed. if yes, you have a dynamic connection.

How can I set up my Reconnect?

Every ISP and every router works different. So the reconnect methods are different, too. The JD Team is working day and night to create an automated router detection. 


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