How to create and upload Session Logs
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  • In case you want to manually take a look at your logs: Logs are kept within your 'installation path\logs\' within sessions sub directories. Logs are kept in raw text and you can open them in your favourite texteditor.
  • Debug Logs: Account based issues are not logged by default, you will need to enable 'Debug mode' (settings > advanced settings > Log: Debug Mode), Restart JDownloader > Reproduce said issue > then follow the steps below.
    If requested by your supporter, please provide debug logs!

How to upload Logs

  1. Restart JDownloader and make sure that you recreate the issue you are having so that it gets logged.
  2. Help → Create a Log.
  3. Select the 'date & times' that your given problem occurred
  4. Select Continue and provide the jdlog://id to your supporter (copy and paste).
    Important: If you forget to give us your log-ID, none of our supporters will be able to view your logs!
    If that happens, just start over again and upload another log.

  How to upload Logs on Headless / myjdownloader

Basically the same as above but you will find the "Upload Log" button under Settings --> Create A Log

 create_a_log-send_a_bugreport.png (47.04 KB)
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 help-create_a_log2.png (41.89 KB)
 myjdownloader_settings_Create_A_Log.png (125.55 KB)
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