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Error Cutcaptcha is not supported
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Error Cutcaptcha is not supported

Are you getting the error message "Cutcaptcha is not supported", "Wrong Captcha!CUTCAPTCHA_IS_NOT_SUPPORTED" or similar?
Alternative: Are you unable to add links from website to JDownloader for whatever reason ? This article described how you can add filecrypt links to JDownloader in a manual way.

This error indicates that there is a special kind of captcha type required to add your desired link.
JDownloader can't handle this kind of captcha ("CutCaptcha") which also means that it is unable to automatically process links which require the user to solve such captchas.
In our support forums we've also explained why.


  1. Open the link in your browser.
  2. Manually solve the captcha in your browser.
    It should look similar to this:
  3. Add the final links via Click'n load (CNL) or DLC container to JDownloader if possible.


 cutcaptcha_example.png (127.88 KB)
 linkgrabber_dummy_item_result_cutcaptcha_not_supported.png (10.30 KB)
 filecrypt_container_and_cnl.png (432.65 KB)