High CPU usage during downloading
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Slow https(SSL) downloads and/or high CPU usage during download?
Most websites are using https by todays standards.
Modern SSL Ciphers can result in very high CPU usage and also slow speed - especially on older/single-core ARM architecture based CPUs commonly e.g. used in older/smaller (e.g. Synology) NAS systems.
Hint for Synology users: You can find out your devices' CPU Architecture using this list.
Most likely the CPU/Environment doesn't support hardware accelerated encryption! Especially modern AES GCM Cipher also suffers from known performance issues in older Java versions.

If you have an Intel/AMD CPU, you can experiment with newer Java versions (eg recent Java 1.8 or latest LTS version).
That said, try the following:

  1. Backup your config.
  2. Re-install JD - use the installer provided here.
  3. Restore your config.
  4. Check if the problem is gone.

If that high CPU usage is caused by your CPU (missing hardware acceleration support):
All in all there isn't much you can do but for some plugins, you will find a workaround setting which lets you disable https for a particular service.
See Settings --> Plugins --> --> ENABLE "Prefer http over https" (or similar) or DISABLE "Use SSL/https" (or similar)
Please keep in mind that while this setting is available for some services that doesn't necessarily mean that it will actually work!
Some services drop support for http over time and enforce HTTPS. In such cases our setting won't help.

If your JD is running on a Synology NAS you might want to check out our Support forum thread regarding Synology SSL issues.

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