How to create and upload Session Logs
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Notice: The logs may contain personal data. Please see our privacy policy.

  • In case you want to manually take a look at your logs: Logs are kept within your 'installation path\logs\' within sessions sub directories.
    Logs are kept in raw text and you can open them in your favourite text-editor.
  • You can modify log files in said folder before uploading them and remove private data if you want to.
  • Debug Logs:
    If requested by your supporter, please provide debug logs!
    Account based issues and some other actions are not logged by default, you will need to enable 'Debug mode' as follows:
    1. Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Search  for Log: Debug Mode and enable this)

    2. Restart JDownloader -> Follow the instructions below

How to upload Logs

  1. If a supported has asked you to post logs, re-read the post of your JD supporter: In case debug-logs are required you first need to enable those (see the beginning of this article)!
    If your issue is account/login related, debug logs are always required!
    Restart JDownloader and make sure that you re-create the issue you are having so that it gets logged.
    If e.g. your problem is that you cannot add your account for a specified website, try to add your account 2-3 times so that your problem gets logged.
  2. Go to Help → Create a Log.
  3. Select the 'date & times' that your given problem occurred - do not just select everything!
  4. Select Continue and provide your logID in the format jdlog://id123456 to your supporter (copy and paste).
    Important: If you forget to give us your log-ID, none of our supporters will be able to view your logs!
    If that happens, just start over again and upload another log.

  How to upload Logs on Headless / myjdownloader

Basically the same as above but you will find the "Upload Log" button under Settings --> Create A Log

 create_a_log-send_a_bugreport.png (47.04 KB)
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 help-create_a_log2.png (41.89 KB)
 myjdownloader_settings_Create_A_Log.png (125.55 KB)
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