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IFTTT: Connect web services with your JDownloader

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What's IFTTT?

IFTTT connects services without those services having to know from each other. It offers an easy to use interface to configure applets, where you just have to define:
If this then that, or short: IFTTT

How To Add IFTTT To JDownloader?

JDownloader is very extensible. You do not even have to write a single line of Java code to build upon the capabilities of the download manager. There's a script engine that executes Javascript if a trigger event gets fired. You can exchange those scripts with other users.
This script engine is a JDownloader plugin that's called Event Scripter. It can be found in the "Extension Modules" section of your JDownloader Settings.

How Do I connect IFTTT And JDownloader?

To demonstrate how to do this, we implement a very simple example:
Get an Android mobile notfication if a download stopped.

You first have to register on IFTTT.
Then you should download the IFTTT mobile app and connect the app with your account.
Then you are ready to create an applet on IFTTT that connects it with the JDownloader Event Scripter!


  1. Activate the maker channel:
  2. Create a new applet:
  3. Search for "Maker" and use this service
  4. Choose "Receive a web request" as a trigger
  5. Choose your "that", in our case "Notifications"

In your JDownloader:

  1. Go to "Settings", then choose "Event Scripter" in the sidebar
  2. Create a new Script: Click the "+ Add" Button
  3. For the newly created script, choose a fitting trigger, in our case "A Download stopped"
  4. Edit the script, remove everything and add the following lines:

var iftttBrowser = getBrowser();

Replace <YOUR_EVENT_NAME> with the name you have chosen for the event when you created the applet on
Replace <YOUR_API_KEY> with the key you'll find on

Done! In your JDownloader, if you edit the script, you can easily "Test Run" it with the corresponding button. The notification should arrive soon after the test button was pressed!

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