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SFV / CRC Check - what is it good for?

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SFV / CRC Check - what is it good for?

This article describes the functionality of the Setting under Settings --> General --> "SFV / CRC check when possible"
If you use a Headless JDownloader (e.g. use it only with myjdownloader) you can find this setting under:
Settings --> Advanced Settings --> GeneralSettings Hash Check

SFV/CRC check essentially checks for broken files after downloading!
This will only work if JDownloader has either .sfv files available or the source you're downloading from provides a SHA1/MD5/SHA256 hash for checking.
The majority of all websites does not provide such a checksum which means JD will not be able to do a CRC check after downloading.
If a website provides MD5 hashes, you will be able to see the one JDownlaoder will use when highlighting an item - see screenshot:

For such files, you will usually see additional info in the status column once download- and CRC check are complete - see screenshot:

Click HERE for troubleshooting regarding errors related to failed CRC check such as "CRC FAILED".

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