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Max. simultaneous downloads/connections

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Max. simultaneous downloads/connections(Chunks)

In your Downloadlist, you will find some connection settings on the bottom right corner.
Click on the wrench symbol to view them.

JDownloader has a global limit of max. 20 simultaneous downloads/chunks!

Please keep in mind: Using higher values will not necessarily increase your download speed!
If you e.g. set JD to use max. 20 simultaneous downloads and 20 chunks, it would theoretically establish 20 * 20 = 400 total connections which is way too much for most of all users.
There is no "perfect" setting but 5 downloads with 3 connections each should be enough for most users.

If you find those settings useful, you can permanently enable them as follows:

  1. Click on the bottom panel wrench symbol.
  2. Enable "Overview Panel visible".
  3. In the now visible bottom panel there is another small wrench symbol.
    Click that and activate "Show Quicksettings".


Now those quick settings are visible all of the time in the bottom right corner.

Troubleshooting and FAQ

I'm experiencing slow download speed, what can I do?

Read ourĀ slow speed article.

Is there any way to exceed the global limit of 20 simultaneous downloads?

Yes, using so called Domain Rules.

Are there any optimal settings such as a combination of max. simultaneous downloads and max. connections per file to get the best download speeds?

No. This depends on a lot of different factors. More information can be found here and in our slow speed article.

I've setup JDownloader to use XY max chunks/downloads but it is only allowing less than that, why?

Keep in mind that depending on the host you're downloading from and whether you own a premium account or not, there might be serverside limits in place which could prevent JD from simply obeying your settings- and reaching your desired amount of e.g. max. simultaneous downloads.
This means that if you e.g. set JDownloader to use 5 chunks, you might just get 1 in the end.
Also if you're downloading from the Usenet: JDownloader can technically only download with max. 1 chunk via Usenet!

What does "chunks" mean and what happens technically when downloading a file with multiple chunks?

To put it simple: The file will be downloaded in multiple segments e.g. when downloading with two chunks, the first and the 2nd half of the file will be downloaded at the same time which can result in better speeds.

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